BreakfaSt of weirdos

File this under bizarro breakfast. I won’t have an opportunity to eat again until much later so I ate a whole bowl of greens in coconut milk at 7am. I added in some beef collagen powder and chowed down. It was actually really nice and warm and tasty. Wasn’t sure my newly awake belly was going to be so keen on that much “non breakfasty” food, but it worked. I guess the question is what makes something “breakfast food”?  What did you have for breakfast?

Yours in breakfast-dom,

The Foggie Foodie





eggs, avocado, greens, olive oil, s+p
It’s been over a month since I took eggs out of my diet, per my doctor’s suggestion. I have truly missed this easy morning go-to. Here at Reveille Cafe, they kindly oblige my annoying requests for greens instead of bread, and olive oil instead of butter (not back to dairy…yet). 

Here goes nothing. I’m hoping beyond my hope my stomach greets these eggs as long lost friends, not foes! Will let you know. 

Yours in revived rituals,

The Foggy Foodie