Dairy & Grain Free Tuna Casserole

While this is definitely NOT the prettiest meal, it is surprisingly tasty. I thought I wasn’t one for hot canned tuna dishes, but I’ve proven myself wrong, lol. I still can’t bring myself to add cheese to tuna (anyone with me?!) but I’m sure if you like that combo this dish could stand a cheesy topper. 

I made this last week when the San Francisco weather was overcast and chilly. Now we are in full blown summer-like weather and I’m LOVING IT! 😎🌞. Yesterday, Mr. Foggy Foodie and I went to our good friends’ house for an outdoor birthday party.  I didn’t even have a sweater on! Hooray! I also seriously cheated on this no-sugar, no-grain thing with a bagel, cream cheese and a piece of outrageously divine handmade cake (chocolate, strawberry buttercream, with chocolate ganache…not too sweet and so fresh! drooling just thinking about it again!) made by our outrageously talented friend, Stacie, who owns Little Bee Baking. If you are in the Bay Area you MUST stop by her shop in Bernal Heights. Everything is heavenly and waaaaay worth the splurge. 


Admittedly, after all the treats all I wanted was a nap, with a warm breeze. Alas, back on the horse today. 🙂 But with no regrets. 

Ok, back to what I made during the gloomy weather. Here’s the recipe (I say that loosely!):

  1. Cook 1 spaghetti squash,  slightly al dente
  2. While squash is cooking, dice and sautée 1 yellow onion, with salt, pepper and red chili flakes in some coconut oil in an oven safe Dutch oven, if you have one. 
  3. When onions start to get translucent add in a couple of heads of brocolli and stir well. 
  4. Let brocolli cook until al dente and then add in the cooked spaghetti squash, 1 can of unsweetened coconut milk, 2 cans of tuna and more salt and pepper. Stir together. 
  5. Put oven safe pot directly in the oven (or transfer into casserole dish) at 400•F for about 20 minutes or until everything is bubbly, flavor melded and cooked to your desired done-ness. Before putting in the oven you could add a cheese and/or breadcrumb layer for a crisp crust. 
  6. Serve and enjoy!

Making this made me feel transported back to the 1950’s…

Yours in happy indulging and fiddling with old school classics,

The Foggy Foodie


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