Pan Seared Halibut with Braised Artichokes and Haricot Verts with Simple Salsa Verde… 

I love halibut and have been seeing fresh, wild pacific halibut at the stores recently. It is not a cheap fish, and you can sub another white fish with this dish. I chose to go big and spring for the halibut. Then the fear set in that I was going to ruin this beautiful fish, which when done well is moist, and meaty but flaky.  Mom to the rescue, lol:  I found this recipe online and followed her cooking instruction more or less, substituting ghee for grapeseed oil. I think I put a bit too much ghee in the pan because when i put the fish in it splattered hot oil all over the stove, counters and me. No wonder chefs have battle wounds all over their arms…shit gets real in the kitchen 😉

For the side dish I riffed off of this recipe for braised artichokes. I prepped about 8 baby artichokes by cutting of the bottoms tops and taking off the exterior leaves, and cutting them in half. Did you know that baby artichokes aren’t actually younger versions of large artichokes?? They’re just smaller in size. I just learned that! Neat. 

I didn’t hit them with lemon juice quickly enough so they oxidized a tiny bit, but so it goes. I placed them cut side down in some ghee, added some lemon juice and left them for 4 minutes to brown. Once browned (I actually left them alone long enough to caramelize!), I flipped them over and let the back brown for about 2 more minutes. Then I threw in a sliced shallot, a couple of handfuls of haricotverts, with ends trimmed. I also tossed in some baby kale that I had left over and half a cup of water and some red pepper flakes. I let those simmer for about 20 minutes. They came out perfectly!!!

While the fish was cooking I made a salsa verde (aka green sauce).  I threw a head of parsley, half a shallot, basil infused olive oil and juice of half a lemon into my Nutribullet. Sauce, tada!

The first time I plated the fish, Mr. foggy foodie thought it looked slightly translucent, whoops… I was so worried about overlooking I undercooked it.  I put the filets back on the heat for a few extra minutes and basted the top with the hot pan ghee, like I’ve seen on TV ☺️. He said his came out perfectly and that he loved it. I think mine could have done with a minute less but was still juicy and delicious. The salsa verde added A really nice fresh, herbaceous and acidic note. And the veggies were savory and flavorful. 

I ate the whole dang thing and savored every second. 

I’m so proud of this dish! It looked restaurant-y and tasted better than lots of things I’ve eaten out. Yay!

Check it out! I made this! Crazy!

Yours in kitchen accomplishments,

The Foggy Foodie


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