Date Night at Red Tavern

Last night Mr. Foggy Foodie and I tried a restaurant in our new neighborhood. Back to that in a few, but first a little back story. 

Since we were forced to move from our old apartment due to mold, I’ve been feeling rather displaced. I lived in that old Victorian apartment for close to a decade and even though it made me sick, I loved the space and the neighborhood. We were in the middle of San Francisco, albeit on a very busy, loud and gritty street. But I adored my community and our local restaurants and bars, all just a stone’s throw from our front stoop. 

Affordable housing in San Francisco is in crisis and nearly impossible to find, and we wound up being pushed to an outer neighborhood… MFF quickly adapted, as he does, and was truly happy to be out of the hubbub of our old hood and loved the quiet and non-grit of our new area. Me? Well, I’m not great with change under the best circumstances. I have felt isolated, not only by our locale (which is only a 20 minute car ride away, but feels like a different world) but also by this restrictive diet that leaves me cooking at home as opposed to eating out and being a part of the fabric of the city. 

Really, though, I am grateful that we procured a safe and well-maintained, healthy new apartment which came with a beautiful well-equipped kitchen. I am slowly, SLOOOOOWLY, working on exploring our new area. And have found some true gems. Yesterday a friend came over and we walked to beautiful Baker Beach. I can walk to one of the most gorgeous spots around! How great is that?!

  I still spend a lot of time in our old neighborhood (I’m a creature of habit), but I realize I must feel more connected to my immediate environs for my happiness. 

So, in an effort to further connect, MFF and I decided it was time to try Red Tavern, a sweet looking restaurant I’ve passed a bunch of times. The menu looked like I could find something to eat; it was time to check it out. Touted as Russian/Modern European fare, I was excited to try their interpretation of the food of my ancestors. And boy, were we pleased! The menu was lovely and the food was delicious. 

In the forefront of this picture is my meal: rack of lamb with fried cauliflower. Oh My Goodness, the cauliflower was BOMB! The lamb was… Well, I realize I don’t love lamb, but as far as lamb goes, this was well prepared. MFF had Hungarian beef goulash and I had a bunch of his because it was so delicious and reminded me of my childhood…tender braised brisket, stewed in tomatoes and red peppers (my ancestry has both Hungarian and Russian roots). I’m definitely getting this next time! (If only it were Grassfed beef I’d eat it every night for a month!… A girl can dream!)

Then MFF turned into the devil and ate this dessert in front of me:

See my empty plate?! That bastard. 😜 Soon, I will taste this wonder. MFF said it was outrageously delicious and light and moist and not too sweet. Drool. Soon!

On a side note, they had the cutest selection of plates! Under the cake was a design with peaches. And the appetizer plates had adorable fish on them (forgot to snap a pic). I love assorted China so this was right up my alley. 

So, all in all yesterday was a grand time in my new neighborhood. What adventures did your Sarurday hold?

Yours in finding new footing,

The Foggy Foodie


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