Japanese Curry Inspired Experiment and a Kitchen Wound…

I’ve been having a lot of anxiety the last few days… I won’t bore you with the details but I will say I was in need of some comfort food. Pre this anti-mold diet I would have self soothed by going to a restaurant named Sawaii, and cozied up with a rich warm bowl of ramen with a side of their magical vegetarian curry. 

Their curry was my first foray into Japanese style curry and I was hooked; sweet, savory, soul satisfying. Sign me up. I realize now it was probably laden with sugar, as everything I craved was, but I loved it’s smooth thick consistency and onion and garlic and curry kicks. 

I found a recipe at The Cavegirl Dish and decided to modify it for my diet and cooking comfort. Since I was feeling lazy and only wanted to make a one pot meal, I added in chunky veggies and some wild fresh cod.  

I started with ghee and a chopped onion and grated ginger (AND PART OF MY FINGER TIP — ouch and yuck! Luckily none in the soup! ). I used garlic powder since my garlic head had mold on it (why does this happen so fast?!?). I cooked those down until translucent and then added baby turnips and broccoli and enough chicken bone broth to cover. I brought it up to a boil and then let it simmer for a few minutes. I then put in my cod and covered and cooked for about 7 minutes. 

While the cod was cooking I started to work on the roux. I’ve watched my mom make rouxes a gagillion times but had never tackled one myself. I toss some ghee and arrowroot powder into a skillet haphazardly figuring by the time the ghee melted I could stir it all in. WRONG. The arrowroot powder congealed in spots on the bottom of the pan. Oh well, I carried on and added more ghee and more arrowroot. Well, i mostly got it in the pan, but a fair amount covered the counters like a 1970’s coke party, lol. I whisked attentively with my brand new rainbow wisk. Once it came together I threw in my curry spice blend. I used what I had in the kitchen: mostly curry powder, with tumeric, cinnamon, and paprika added in. I let it toast for a few minutes and then added the spiced glop to my pot of simmered goodness. 

I waited for magic to happen. For it to turn into a proper thick Japanese Curry. But alas, the ratio of roux and thickener, to soupy bone broth was not enough or too much, whichever way you look at it. 


Mind you, although it didn’t satisfy the thick curry craving it was delicious and pretty darn spicy! I’ll definitely try this again with a few tweaks!

The next day I had leftovers and will say it thickened up a bit, but still not enough to hit the mark. It was a lovely and nourishing lunch, regardless. 

Yours in roux ratios,

The Foggy Foodie

Ps any helpful tips?


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