Spaghetti Squash Take Two

I made spaghetti squash again; And again, it was scrumptious. This time I added a dash of cinnamon to the top of the cooked squash before I layered in the sautéed shallot, asparagus, rotisserie chicken, and spicy tomato sauce. 

The asparagus were some of the first of the season and they were giant and sweet. Yay for spring on the way!

I also realized I am an impatient cook. I have a hard time letting foods take their time to brown and develop flavors — probably because I’m starving before I start cooking. Lol. Tonight the artichoke wasn’t cooked…again…and had to be put back in its steam bath until later. It became dessert. 

But the thing that really made me take notice of the errors of my impatience was with my shallots.  I had just put the shallots into the olive oil when the Chief of Clean Floors (my dog) announced she needed to go out. I figured the shallots would be fine on low heat and off we went. It wasn’t a long walk, just a potty break in a dry weather break (it’s been pouring here). Upon our return the beautiful aroma of cooking shallots met us at the door. When I checked the pan they weren’t even fully cooked but were happily on their way to reaching their full sautéed glory. Maybe I should walk the dog more often in the middle of cooking dinner 😉

I think this squash was even better than the first. I was worried I’d over cooked it, but in fact it was fantastically tender and almost creamy. 

Of course Mr. Foggy Foodie, snacker that he is, finished his with a half a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Bastard. 😉

Yours in learning kitchen (and life) patience,

The Foggy Foodie


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