Pasture One Grass Fed and Finished Beef Sausage For The Win!

I was near the pacific heights (San Francisco) location of a local chain supermarket called Mollie Stone’s Market. At least I think it is just local. Hmmm… Let me look… Yes, just a Bay Area store. I highly recommend it, if you’re around any of their locations. Their motto is, “The Best of Both Worlds” and I think they fit the bill of a regular supermarket plus excellent organic and natural choices. How did this become an ad for Mollie Stone’s? Not sure. Oh right, they totally made my day by stocking these babies, Pasture One Sausages:

They come in all different flavors but I chose the andouille because I like spicy and it had zero sugar added!!! Thank you, Pasture One! You are my new heroes!
A friend of mine asked me this via text after I excitedly told her that these were from grass fed AND FINISHED (which is way important!) cows:

“Does it piss you off to no end that finding cows that eat grass is so effing hard? Sooooo crazy. Just let the cows be cows people !!!”

She has an extremely valid and simple point.  Why did it we let herbivores become grainfed? Humans ruin lots of things in the race to bigger, “better”, faster. I digress. I am thankful to be living in an area that is trying to get back to basics! 

Not only are these sausages from healthfully and pasture raised cattle, they were friggin DELICIOUS!!!! The first hit was spice, not in a burn your face off kind of way, but a fun burst of flavor. They were not overly salty to my taste and they tasted yummy beefy and were juicy! I put the sausages together with some broccoli raab, Brussel sprouts, garlic and ghee. I parboiled the veggies and sausages and then fried them up in ghee and garlic. 

So happy with the outcome! I scarfed this down with joy. Thank you happy cows for my nourishment (I still have a hard time with the fact that I eat animals, but knowing they were ethically and humanely treated certainly helps). And thank you Pasture One and Mollie Stone’s. 

Yours in more ethical eating,

The Foggy Foodie


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