National Pancake Day, Bah Humbug…

Yes, I know, it’s more importantly International Women’s Day (yay for awesome women!!), but this woman is currently brooding over National Pancake Day. I’ve never heard of this “holiday” before this year, and of course I think it’s a special kind of torture to be reminded of sweet, fluffy, blueberry stuffed, syrup-covered clouds of heaven when I can’t eat them!!! Cruel cruel world [shakes fist at IHOP!]. 

Yes, yes, I know there are way more important things to be up in arms about, but c’mon, can you blame me for being slightly cranky when my friend/new foe sends me this text?!: 

Screw you and your little pancakes, too. {sniffle, sniffle}. 

What’s next? National Triple Creme Brie Day, National Crispy Crusted Sourdough Bread Day, National Chocolate Fudge Everything Day?!

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be here with my salad 😜

Yours in playful bitter non-pancake-ness,

The Foggie Foodie


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