Marinara shrimp, romanesco, and spinach. And Fibonacci!

I had some Rao’s Marinara sauce left from the stuffed spaghetti squash from the previous night. I threw it together with what was in the fridge: frozen shrimp, a head of romanesco broccoli, and spinach. And topped it with some extra virgin olive oil. It was a quick and tasty dinner.   

Have you ever tried romanesco? 

This was a first for me! It’s so pretty and gives you a chance to learn more about fractals  — quite simply, a detailed pattern that repeats itself ad infinitum

And how romanesco perfectly follows Fibonacci’s sequence: its pattern is a natural representation of the Fibonacci or golden spiral, a logarithmic spiral where every quarter turn is farther from the origin by a factor of phi, the golden ratio.  

 Read more about Fibonacci’s ratio here!

Very cool and very tasty!

Yours in new vegetable trying and golden ratios,

The Foggy Foodie


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