Green Curry Coconut Cod Soup

Hi folks!

I need to get better at taking cooking photos because by the time the dish is done I can only manage taking one quick pic before I devour my creations. Not saying all my creations are divine (not even close) but I’m generally ravenous and have to eat. Friends used to call me the Impatient Belly. Don’t stand between me and chow time! 

After the success of this salmon dish, I was still feeling in a fish mood and decided to try my hand at a different type. So I went back to my Whole Foods fish monger dudes (they’re awesome at a specific location–kindly and enthusiastically asking to hear about how my experiments went!). I wanted to do something with curry and coconut milk and the fish monger said “oh you mean like a galangal soup?”  Blink. Blink. Blink. “Um, I think so?” I replied trying to remember exactly what that was based on my Thai restaurant experiences. Anyhow, he directed me to the cod, fileted enough for 2 people into 5 littler chunks and told me to just submerge them into the soup right before it was ready and when they were flakey they were done (I later looked on the Internet–my cooking guru–which said about 5 minutes). 

I probably should have looked up a recipe for galangal soup (at least to learn) but I was in a fly by the seat of my pants kind of mood. 

I sweated/browned/sautéed [insert proper cooking terminology here] 1 large yellow onion in coconut oil. I then added in 1/3 box chicken stock, 1.5 cans of unsweetened coconut milk (I had 1 big can and 1 small one), juice of 1.5 limes (saving half a lime to finish), 1 bunch of green chard, roughly torn and stemmed (I cook like a cave woman sometimes!), a peeled and diced knob of ginger, red pepper flakes and a big tablespoon of Thai Kitchen green curry paste

I let that simmer for a while until things looked cooked and flavors melded, i.e. there was a commercial break. Then I braved the raw fish (still hard for me, but getting easier! Wahoo!) and placed the 5 pieces in the soup. I tried it about 4-5 min later and the fish wasn’t quite opaque (TMI–which of course freaked me out that I was going to food poison myself — go away, saboteur brain!). I waited another minute and then added the rest of the lime — Et voila!

It was super tasty and satisfying. I had three bowls of it! It was bright with lime but with a savory undertone from the broth and spiceful from the curry and sweet from the onions and coconut.  All flavor sensations happily activated! The cod was perfectly cooked and tender and added a lovely substantial element. The soup wasn’t quite as coconutty as previous soups and perhaps I would cut back on the chicken stock next time or add more coconut milk. It is was very lime-y, which I like, but if you’re not into that sort of push and pull of tang, maybe cut back a bit.  

Mr. Foggy Foodie had dinner plans but still ate a bowl and a half on his way out the door and said he’d rather eat cod soup than the pizza he was about to have. That is tremendous praise, but I’m sure fleeting feelings once he mowed down on delicious cheesy pizza, oh how I miss thee… But I digress! 

Cod curry coconut soup, you’re a winner in my book!

Yours in first time cod cookery,

The Foggy Foodie


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