Roasted Salmon with Red Cabbage and Artichoke

A friend of mine made me dinner a few weeks ago and modified this recipe from Martha Stewart to fit my diet needs (have I mentioned how awesome my friends are?! 😍).  It was soooo tasty.  

My friend even sent me the recipe πŸ’
I decided to take a stab at it for me and Mr. Foggy Foodie. We still had cabbage left over from the previous night’s slaw adventure. And since learning raw slaw isn’t his fave, what better than to roast it!

Before I started the main dish, I set some artichokes on to steam. They were big suckers and I knew they’d take a while. 

Then, I sliced up the rest of the head of cabbage (about 2/3s a head) and coated it in olive oil, s+p, and cooked it as Martha suggests at 400β€’F for 25 minutes. A few pieces around the top got a bit crisp, but that didn’t ruin it for me. Perhaps I might stir it half way through next time. 

While the cabbage was cooking I added salt and pepper and zest of 1 lemon to two pieces of salmon and left everything else off the recipe.  (I have found gloves are my friends!)

I nestled the salmon into the roasted cabbage and cooked for 15 minutes.     

Check that out!!! I’m drooling again just looking at that picture!


OMG! It was stupid good! It gets all melty and almost buttery as the good salmon fat mixes in with the tender, yet not mushy, cabbage. I added fresh lemon juice before serving and had a little lemon and olive dip for the artichoke. Y-U-M! And so colorful! Grand success minus the fact that the artichokes weren’t quite done and had to go back to steam for a bit. Oh well, more time for seconds of the cabbage! MFF said it looked and tasted restaurant quality. He knows just what to say ☺️. 

Give either the original recipe (my friend swears by it) or my modified version (I swear by it) or both a try and let me know what you think!!!

Yours in salmon serenity,

The Foggy Foodie


11 thoughts on “Roasted Salmon with Red Cabbage and Artichoke

    1. Thanks so mug for the lovely comment!! I love artichokes so much I could eat them everyday! I just cut the bottoms off so they sit upright, cut the tops off, rub with lemon, squeeze the rest of the lemon in an inch or so of water in a pot big enough to stand the artichokes upright and cover and steam them until you can pull an outer lead off (usually around 45 minutes). Easy! And the salmon really is divine. I want it right now πŸ™‚ PS love your site!

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