Totally tubular weekend

Hi folks!

I’m behind on blogging so, this is the first of three posts coming at ya!

Lots of the anti-mold/anti-candida diet folks say no to prepackaged meats, but I’m only human and sometimes I just need a quick meal! So, tubed meat was on the menu last Friday night. After a long week, I walked into my corner grocer and their was a sign, “NEW! ORGANIC HOT DOGS!” 

I LOVE hot dogs. I’m originally from NY/NJ and we love a good beef dog. I like mine with ketchup (yes, I hear the collective gasp of the mustard side) and sour kraut. Since ketchup, sour kraut and buns are a no-no on this diet I had to get creative. 

The nitrite/nitrate free hot dogs I got were from Applegate, called The Great Organic Hot Dog. And they even claim its 100% grass fed. While I want to believe this to be true, I am a bit skeptical, especially after reading this post that states Applegate will use grain fed beef when they can’t source grass fed beef. But you can’t believe everything you read, neither on the Internet nor on packaging. So who knows. I put it in my basket and carried on in good faith. 

I pan fried the hot dogs in ghee and once they were starting to brown I threw in some slivered Brussel sprouts and broccolini and some red pepper flakes.   


It was pretty tasty, but be forewarned, these hot dogs are SAL-TY!

The next morning I made Mr. Foggy Foodie pretty much the same thing for breakfast in bed. This time I grilled onions while the hot dogs were roasting. Mr. Foggy Foodie gave it a 7. I’ll take it. I think some fresh lemon would have been a good addition. Next time.

Yours in tubed meat love,

The Foggy Foodie


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