I miss soy sauce…

I love Asian flavors, the umami of soy sauce, the sweet and the salty and the spicy. My mouth waters thinking about soy sauce stir fried veggies, so I tried to make do with Coconut Aminos. 

Dinner: sautéed veggies and chicken with fish sauce, ginger and coconut aminos (They say the aminos can replace soy sauce… I say BAH! Next stop, trash can!). It didn’t taste like much and I didn’t realize it had 1g of sugar per tsp. Fail. Otherwise it was a bland but fine meal, lol. Added in some carrots for some carbs. 

Now I’m stressing I over sugared. I have two competing thoughts in my brain: 1) Starve the damn mold and feel better 2) This is all a bunch of horse shit and I should just eat healthfully and support my system while it works through the mold exposure and stop with the super restrictive diet. 

There seem to be proponents on both sides. I don’t want to do anything to make things worse in either direction so it stresses me out. There seem to be doctors and other health practitioners on either side. But really isn’t everyone just trying to promote their take, sell snake oil? That’s pretty cynical but that’s how I’m feeling at the moment. Also, I hear I have to break down the mold/yeast biofilm in order to have a chance at combatting it with diet. Will be ordering pancreatic enzymes soon… Anyone ever try those? Anyone out there? Is this mic on?!

Maybe I should just have some ice cream or a glass of wine and call it a day (I’m too stubborn for that, until I’ve seen this through longer). I’m tired. And worried i over sugared, under immune-supported, helped in the genicide of chickens and generally feel like I’m getting nowhere. 

I should also mention I was caring for an incontinent dog this past week and haven’t had a solid night sleep in five days. I type this back in my own bed and I am so happy about that!

Alright, interwebs, I am off to watch bad tv to stop obsessing about this whole rigamaroll. 

Yours in health confusion,

The Foggy Foodie

Ps anyone have any non-sugar, non-soy stir fry tips?

PPS Biofilms anyone?!?


3 thoughts on “I miss soy sauce…

  1. Hi, I haven’t had soy for about 10 years! My pallet has changed tremendously and now I like the coconut aminos. Have you tried adding some toasted sesame oil and seeds to your Asian dishes? I also like adding ginger and garlic to them. Fresh Thai basil is really good too.


    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your feedback and follow! Means a lot to me! Unfortunately, sesame seeds and sesame seed oil are prone to mold. And since my main goal is to heal from mold exposure I have taken them out of rotation which also makes me sad because I LOVE toasted sesame seed oil. I’m hoping once my overall toxic load reduces I can add it back in. In the meantime it’s lots of garlic and ginger. Maybe I’ll try coconut aminos again…did you not like them at the outset? Or for the time being I guess I’ll have to do with out those true salty/sweet Asian flavors (waaaaah!) 😜😁. Looking forward to checking out your site. 🙂


      1. Your welcome. Sorry to hear that! Is there anything that you can take to help get rid of it? I didn’t like the taste of the coconut aminos at first, but it grew on me. Can you do sweet foods? Like sautéing carrots for a little sweetness or apples? How long does it take to reduce your toxic load? I will be watching for your progress on it! Good luck and hang in there! I did a candida diet once for about 3 months and it was difficult, but worth it.


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