Coconut curry chicken, broccoli and asparagus soup…

Hiya, Internet folks! Tonight I bought an organic rotisserie chicken and didn’t realize until I was home that it was terribly overdone. Figuring a soup was the best way to rehydrate it, I set to work.  

I sautéed shallots in olive oil, added the broccoli stems and then proceeded to add every spice I have in the house…seriously. Like a crazy person, I added a little bit of the following to a small bowl: paprika, garlic powder, chili powder, turmeric, coriander, cumin, curry powder, cayenne, cinnamon, salt and … I think that’s it. Oh wait, red pepper flakes! I threw that all in with one can of coconut milk, juice of one lime and a little water and let it cook covered until the veggies were about half done and then dropped in the desert like chicken. And simmered for about 7 more minutes. After serving it up, I topped it with some nice olive oil. 

I’m shocked at how tasty it came out. It could have gone terribly wrong but it came out like a legit curry. Ok, maybe not legit, per se, but pretty damn close. It was spice-full, but not overwhelmingly so. The flavor sort of landed somewhere between Thailand and India. 

Granted, I do have a bit of heartburn after downing two bowls in less time then it took to cook. Whoops. 

The Chief of Clean Floors wanted in on the action!

Yours in spice experimentation,

The Foggy Foodie


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