Grass fed beef bone broth soup with cipollinis, chard and chicken. 

This meal came out so tasty I dreamed about it the next day! I finally found some in-house made frozen grass fed beef bone broth (say that five times fast!) at BiRite market. It wasn’t cheap ($13 for a quart) but I could also just pick it up and not mail order it , so convenience won out.  I let it defrost over night in the refrigerator. 

I have a thing for all things miniature and couldn’t resist these adorable little red cipollini onions.   

 Look how cute they are! I have never cooked with cipollini onions so I poked around the web for some tips and came across a video with Mario Batali and Michael Symon (my favorite Iron Chef!). I watched for inspiration and tips as I peeled my onions. It’s a cute segment (follow link above) and although he was making creamed onions I took the initial cooking tips which were to brown them on each side in olive oil and salt and then add liquid to finish the cooking. Worked like a charm! Thanks, @mariobatali! 

I was cooking just for one. I browned 3 onions like a pro 😜, and when the second side was close to done I added some chard to the pan and gave it a minute to wilt in the oil with some extra Himalayan pink salt. I then threw in a quarter of the beef stock. It made all kinds of fun cracking sounds — I felt fancy. I stirred the stock to get up all the tasty brown bits from the seared onions. 

Then things got a little odd, as they often do in my kitchen lab. I tossed in some red pepper flakes and some ground coriander. I realized too late that I don’t really like coriander (it has been a long day!) and it smelled funny to me. My solution? Throw in a bunch of cinnamon. Yikes! Was that a mistake?! Who knew… But it started to smell pretty damn good. 

I picked some fresh rotisserie chicken and let it soak in there for a bit and then I served it up. 

HOLY COW, it was so delicious. Deeply savory, slightly spicy, with sweetness from the onions and freshness from the chard. It also felt very nourishing. 

Will definitely be making some variety of this again (maybe without the coriander 😉

Yours in kitchen adventures,

The Foggy Foodie


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