Dining out…

Giving up lots of foods in the hopes of revived health has been, well, hard. I was about to paint a rosy picture about the greater good, blah blah blah, but honestly, this has been challenging. I still haven’t gotten myself to cook meat, so protein has been extra challenging, especially with no eggs. 

Another sad thought was giving up dining out with friends, which is a major source of life enjoyment for me. I’ve decided that just can’t happen and I need to find places that are able and willing to accommodate this craziness. And guess what, I did!!!

I went out twice this weekend and minus the convoluted ordering process, it went relatively well. I did think the first waiter was going to punch me in the face but I noticed he was cranky in general and my friend assured me I was totally nice and apologetic and didn’t deserve any wrath. Phew. 

An interesting byproduct of this shift in eating is having to find new things to order. I have never in my life even considered ordering or even eating octopus for dinner. I first tried octopus last year with my big brother (who is the culinarily adventurous one) and didn’t hate it. So when faced with a menu of pasta and pizza and other assorted current “no-no’s,” I made the decision to be intrepid and order the octopus! They were kind enough to pair it with asparagus instead of the normal accompaniment. And it was DELICIOUS! What an awesome surprise! 

It was meaty in texture and taste and had a nice little crunch from it being seared or roasted or however they cooked it. I topped it with fantastic extra virgin olive oil and gobbled it up. Score. 

Then on Saturday, Mr. Foggy Foodie and I had plans to cook, but got tired and lazy and went to one of our favorite restaurants instead, Mission Beach Cafe in the Mission.  I can’t recommend this place enough. Every meal there is consistently well prepared and scrumptious. I know they have good beef and tons of veggies on hand so I had confidence ordering would be pretty simple, and thankfully it was and our waitress was totally gracious and kind. Phew! I had grass fed beef, no butter, and sautéed veggies in olive oil. It was divine and I was a happy camper. 

So, there you have it! I successfully left my kitchen and had wonderful meals out with loved ones. Yay!

Yours in fun dining,

The Foggy Foodie


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