Morning soup…

Good morning fine friends!

I’ve been making these morning shakes and can’t seem to call them smoothies, as I associate smoothies with fruit and sweet and oh, so much yum.

Mr. Foggy Foodie came up with “morning soup” and I think it is the perfect description. It takes the brain away from feeling sad about missing sweet fruit smoothies and back to appreciating this concoction as a tasty savory soup.

Mr. Foggy Foodie likes his in a bowl with a spoon.


I’ll just drink mine in a pint glass.

Now, this must be noted: I have a pretty high tolerance for weird combinations in the vegetable/spice world so this may not be for everyone!! MFF (Mr. Foggy Foodie) gobbles it up but his review is that is “fine” and “tastes like what it is”. I guess that works, especially with limited breakfast options. I actually really like it!

This is a quick way to get lots of greens, and good fats and fungi fighting agents!

Without further ado here’s the “recipe”. I use recipe loosely as I just lob all of this into my nutribullet without measuring.

If you try it, please let me know what you think in the comment section!!!

Happy Saturday,

The Foggy Foodie



2 thoughts on “Morning soup…

  1. I love that you call this a morning soup rather than a smoothie! I’m fine with adding some greens to my fruit smoothies, but a whole smoothie full of just greens just somehow doesn’t appeal to me (and I LOVE my greens!). I think I’ll retry, with the mindset on savory, so many possibilities now that I’ve shifted my thinking on green smoothies, thanks!

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