Still alive…

I am not going to lie, the last few days have been brutal. The cramps in my lower back, hips and quads were intense and constant. I am someone who has chronic pain (more on that another time) but this rocked me in a different way, probably because it was not my usual pain. And it scared me. Was I doing something detrimental? Should I give this up? I shot a couple of emails off to my doctor, who’s assistant called back and reassured me I was ok, that my body was just reacting to a drastic change, and I wasn’t dying. Yes, I asked if I was dying. Or something to that affect. Lol. I did apologize for acting like a crazy person. She said that it is common in this stage. Phew. I had already up my potassium rich foods yesterday and Doc told me to up my magnesium. 

I woke up yesterday feeling like I had been beaten. I proceeded to put only potassium rich things in my body, which included a whole avocado and sea salt, a can of sardines (HOLY HELL, I am NOT a fan, but desperate times…), and then went out to buy greens for lunch which I melted and then added ghee and sea salt.   

Still I felt no major change. Dinner consisted of dark meat chicken, Brussels sprouts, and chard. And pre bed time I had some beef bone broth (could not find grass fed at any store in San Francisco, which seems totally odd to me) and a scoop of almond butter and a handful of magnesium (just under 400mg) as prescribed by Doctor. 

Falling asleep was hard with the pain and I woke up today feeling a tiny bit better. I made myself a very weird morning smoothie of spinach, radish, ghee, coconut oil, collagen (powdered grass fed beef hide — gross sounding, right?! Thankfully very little taste!), cinnamon and salt. It was odd, but full of good nutrition. I then took some calcium/mag/potassium and other stuff in the form of Bone Up from Jarrow

 I have to say this is the first time in over 3 days that my legs aren’t aching terribly. Thank all that is good in the world!

Yours forever in leg cramp empathy,

The Foggy Foodie



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