Leg cramps galore

I’ve been suffering from cramping the last couple of days and couldn’t tell if it was a back pull or being slightly out of joint or “carb-flu“, which can be caused by dramatic decreases in carbs and can be avoided by slowly starting to decrease carbs (whoops, I went whole hog!). Tonight the cramps are more centralized in my quads. I spoke with my Aunt who has done low-carb diets. She said I need to increase my potassium and the cramps and back aches are common when switching to these low carb diets. She thought she had pulled out her back, too. This was a relief to hear. 

Apparently, you need around 4700mg a day and most people fall short. That’s the equivalent of 5.6 cups of cooked spinach. Good lord, who wants to eat that much spinach every day? I have been eating leafy greens and a large amount of sea salt (which has potassium) but apparently not enough potassium. How are you supposed to know these things?! I guess ask and you shall find out. 🙂   I took a supplement with a small amount of potassium (all I have in the house at the moment) and just chugged some sea salt water. I really just want my legs to feel better! 

Tonight I made a layered salad type thing. Cucumber, avocado, chicken breast, basil “chimichurri” type sauce (basil, olive oil, s+p, garlic, and red pepper flakes in my handy NutriBullet), and sautéed spinach and arugula. It was really delicious!  


I have a friend who told me it wasn’t nutrient rich enough and I need more nutritive and potassium filled veggies. Sigh. This is exhausting. She also suggested nusalt. Maybe I’ll look for that tomorrow, but potassium salts have been linked to heart attacks and I certainly don’t want to go down that road! But potassium deficiency is also linked to heart attacks according to Google. You can drive yourself mad! 

Maybe I’ll stick to the potassium rich vegetables in this list that are approved. Apparently chard and spinach waaaay out beat kale. Too bad I’ve been eating kale each morning. Live and learn. Apparently, I’ve got lots to learn and leg cramps to prove it. 

Edited to add some informational reading:




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