Lessons learned…

Hi again!

So, you’ve heard the rules and the motivation. Now what? First and foremost, let me reiterate that I only know so much, am not a doctor and am not meaning to dole out advice, just experience. There, that made me feel better. 

Well, I thought I’d catch you up a little with things I’ve cooked and things I’ve learned. Number one thing I’ve learned is that there is sugar in almost everything. And things that I thought were excellent choices at the beginning were on the no-no list like vinegar and pickled and fermented food, as well as pork and processed meats, even uncured salami (yum!). So, I probably only really fully got on board with this regime about a week ago even though I started on January 4th. I am, however, giving myself some props for getting it going even with initial hiccups in food choices. This is hard, man!

Here’s what’s been happening:  

Made: coconut curry soup with chard and rotisserie chicken. Learned: fish sauce has sugar
Made: mashed cauliflower with pre-cooked shrimp and kale. Learned: the Whole Foods fish guy does not approve of reheating cooked shrimp and while i don’t think it did any harm to texture they didn’t pick up much flavor.
Made: smoked salmon nori wraps with tahini dip. Learned: I’m not supposed to eat smoked fish or sesame seeds (whoops!)

Made: rotisserie chicken taco lettuce cups with freah guac and sauteed peppes and onions. Learned: the NutriBullet is awesome! And this is not the meal to have before sitting close to other humans — or perhaps add less raw garlic to guac.
Made: grass fed beed “chili” and brocollini. Learned: the nice folks at Roam Burgers cooked me some rare burger patties without making me feel like a freak. Meat didnt pick up a lot of flavor but got the job done until I can get myself to cook meat.


Made: veggies with tons of spices (cumin, tumeric, ginger…) and almond butter lemon drizzle. Learned: too many cruciferous veggies and spices at once makes for an upset belly at this point.



Made: boiled frozen pre-cooked snow crab legs and steamed brocolli with melted ghee. Learned: snow crab legs smell gross while boiling but taste good and we are still alive!

Made: rotisserie chicken, avocado/kale slop and brocolli. Learned: pretty quick and easy and tasty and totally still loving the NutriBullet.

Salad with spinich, arugala, radhiccio, and endive with canned tuna. Learned: Lots of chopping and lots of chewing and eh, it was fine.

Made: fresh marinara with bison burgers and zucchini noodles. Learned: I probably should have bought the more expensive spiralizer as my arm was tired after this but i really like zuchinni noodles, yay! Jury is still out on bison.

So, there you have it. We are now up to date. Thanks for getting through this if you did!


The Foggy Foodie



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