And away we go…

Hello Interwebs.

My name is… Well, i don’t think I’ll use my name. Those who know me, know me and those who don’t can know me as The Foggy Foodie. 🙂 I am a 40 year old gal, living in San Francisco, recovering from living in an apartment infested with toxic mold for almost ten years. I’ll spare all the gorey details for another post.

I picked the word foggy for a few reasons. First, obviously, is that I’m in San Francisco, though with global warming this has been a decidedly less foggy year. Secondly, foggy refers to my brain fog brought on by exposure to toxic mold and thirdly, I’m using foggy, as in clueless, because I am fully learning as I go, both in terms of recovery and cooking. Foodie, well, I just friggin love to eat and mainly have been living on less than healthy but utterly delicious and easily available prepared foods in the bounty that is the San Francisco culinary world — not things compliant while on this new anti-fugal diet. More on the rules in a second. Secret confession– I haven’t really cooked in years 😁.

Why blog? Well, I’d like to feel less alone (and maybe find some comraderie and encouragement — and if you are reading this it is already helpful to me, so thank you). I’m spending way more time food shopping and cooking and way less time out eating and drinking freely with friends amidst the  cornucopia of San Francisco culinary options. But that’s ok. I have to look at the big picture: regained health and returned energy and having dinner parties once I fully figure out this cooking thing, which I actually like doing when I do it.

I am striving to heal while also satisfying my fickle and spoiled taste buds.  Currently I am on a strict elimination diet to weed out pesky allergies along with a strict antifungal diet. What does that mean? I get to eat air and try to feel better! Ok, that’s way too dramatic. The no list includes: sugar, fruit (except avocados, limes, lemons, and coconut), alcohol (waaaah!), grains, starchy veggies, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, peanuts, beans, legumes, cashews (who knew they were a fruit? Not this gal!), and some other mold susceptible nuts and seeds. Am i forgetting anything? Oh, and no refrigerated leftovers as they mold growers. Sheesh. Crazy, right?! I should also mention I have zero clue how to cook meat as I was a vegetarian for 12 years and raw meat grosses me out.

So, this should be an adventure! Also along for the ride is my boyfriend, Mr Foggy Foodie, who is a serious good sport and will devour anything I put in front of him, and helps with the giant mess I make in the kitchen, and my dog, Lulu, who keeps me company and takes her job as Chief of Clean Floors very seriously.  I am thankful and grateful and happy to have you along for the ride, too!

All the best,

The Foggy Foodie


4 thoughts on “And away we go…

  1. Hi there. I’m so glad you visited my blog, giving me a chance to check out yours. It looks like you have a big list of forbidden foods which will be a challenge. I’m glad you have a supportive partner. Hopefully he enjoys the ‘fruits’ of your blog as much as my husband does mine. I also have a dog, Lola and live in the Bay Area. Enjoy blogging…


  2. Hii..i am a foodie too(though my blog is about medical issues)..though cooking is not my forte.. I just try out new places in new delhi, india and hope to have some new dishes recommended from your side as i will recommend it from my side..happy blogging!!


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